Nokia Releases Maps Apps For All Phones With Windows Phone 8

It is simple that Nokia has invested with heavily to create Windows Phone to succeed. One proof of this can be the quantity of apps exclusive to the devices of Lumia series launched by Nokia, that bring many options that users would really like to get pleasure from. Now, considering the event of the platform, the Finnish company free a number of these apps to alternative devices with Windows Phone eight. Nokia declared that Maps, Transit Drive applications area unit out there in Windows Phone Store, and you'll be able to transfer them via any smartphone with Windows Phone eight. Named as HERE Maps, HERE Transit and HERE Drive.

The announcement ought to please many folks WHO have already purchased smartphone equipped with Windows Phone eight, however there's a retardant all told this. Nokia free the applications by region, with countries that have programs in their stores area unit FRG, Canada, Spain, USA, France, Italy, North American nation and therefore the UK. you'll be able to transfer HERE Maps, HERE Transit and HERE Drive, simply click on their names to be directed to the yankee store for Windows Phone.


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