VK.com is Russia’s Top Social Networking Site.

We use Facebook however there's another web site with some similar options and it’s VK.com. It’s Russia’s high social networking web site. It’s conjointly fashionable in alternative countries as in Kazak, Ukraine, Moldova, Israel and European country. it's regarding 195 million registered users.

VK is in Russian language however if you visit it from India or USA like country it'll greet you in English.

At this point I actually have no reason to pay abundant time on VK however I actually have associate account thereon. And certain countless users use it daily.

Vk.com features:
My Profile
My Friends
My Photos
My Videos
My Music
My Messages
My News
My Bookmarks
You can see there square measure such a lot of things that a ought to social networks ought to have. you'll play games, listen music, share photos, transfer documents, send message, listen music and watch videos. What you wish more?

The primary reasons for the success of VK square measure the linguistic communication and enough options. when the increase of Facebook several social networks have lost their charm however several social networks still continued their journey on the net.

So if you were yearning for a social network apart from Facebook, VK may be a sensible choice. however you may not realize your regular friends there. However, you'll build new friends.


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