How one can hack your Facebook password and username?

How a Facebook account was hacked?

Yesterday a Facebook account was hacked using a simple trick. The trick was not simple but it was applied simply. The hacker requested for friendship and when he got confirmed by the victim. The hacker started chatting with him and in chat he given a link to check something. The victim clicked on the link then instantly his password and username was sent to the hacker. The hacker used victim’s password and username to login to victim’s account and deleted all the pages and groups including his profile.

How to deal with it?

Don’t confirm anyone if you don’t know them personally. If you have confirmed someone who you don’t know don’t chat with him, if you chat with him don’t click on any link. If you really want to check the link, just copy the link address and paste it in notepad then copy the link from notepad and open it in a new browser.

Other ways

An unknown friend can try to hack your account by knowing your security answer. When he will try to reset the password of your account he will be asked to answer the security question, so he will chat with you about your security question, he will not ask you directly about it but his topic will be related to it and his questions will get the answer by you because you are unaware of the coming danger.

You can receive an email to check something on Facebook or confirm something but the email may not be from Facebook. If you click on the link you will lost your username and password, or on the new page looking like Facebook but it will not be Facebook, you will be asked to login to Facebook using ID and password but it will be a simple form that will email your login details to the hacker, so always check on the address bar.