Google has failed to curb music piracy

Google's revamping of its search formula last year has failing thus far to measure up to its promise of discouraging customers from visiting contraband music websites, associate degree trade cluster says.
A report free in the week by the Recording trade Association of America aforementioned it found Google's initiative proclaimed last August to "demote" sites defendant of piracy gave the impression to be having very little or no result.

"We have found no proof that Google's policy has had a demonstrable impact on demoting sites with massive amounts of piracy," aforementioned the RIAA report free weekday.

"These sites systematically seem at the highest of Google's search results for well-liked songs or artists."

The RIAA aforementioned it analyzed "serial infringers" known in Google's Copyright Transparency Report "were not demoted in any important means within the search results and still managed to look on page one among the search results over ninety eight % of the time within the searches conducted."

It additional that the questionable sites "consistently showed up in 3 to 5 of the highest ten search results."

"We acknowledge and appreciate that Google has undertaken some positive steps to handle links to contraband music on its network," aforementioned RIAA general counsel Steven Marks.

"Unfortunately, our initial analysis concludes that thus far Google's pledge six months past to assign pirate sites remains unrealized. Searches for musical genre still yield results that emphasize contraband sites at the expense of legitimate services, that area unit typically relegated to later pages. And Google's auto-complete perform continues to steer users to several of these same illicit sites."

Responding to the RIAA, a Google interpreter aforementioned, "We have endowed heavily in copyright tools for content house owners and method takedown notices quicker than ever."

Google aforementioned that within the last month "we received over fourteen million copyright removal requests for Google Search, quickly removing over ninety seven % from search results."

Last August, Google aforementioned it absolutely was tweaking its search formula to convey higher priority to legal content and sink rankings for websites hit with piracy complaints, that concentrate on contraband copies of music, films and alternative content.

More than two hundred "signals" area unit factored into Google's secret search rule for crucial what gets priority on results pages.


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