Facebook cyber-attack to be probed by FBI...43

The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation is collaborating within the investigation of a "sophisticated attack" by hackers on Facebook last month, which, per the social network, has not compromised users' knowledge.
The daily metropolis Chronicle aforesaid Saturday that the law enforcement agency is functioning with Facebook to see the origin of last month's hacker attack that hit the computers of some employees at the CA company.

According to the newspaper, the social network aforesaid that "malware was put in on laptops utilized by Facebook workers after they visited a mobile developer's internet site".

"As shortly as we have a tendency to discovered the presence of the malware, we have a tendency to remediated all infected machines, conversant enforcement, and commenced a major investigation that continues to the current day," Facebook aforesaid weekday on its diary.

"We ar operating ceaselessly and closely with our own internal engineering groups, with security groups at different firms, and with enforcement authorities to be told everything we are able to regarding the attack, and the way to stop similar incidents within the future," Facebook aforesaid.

The attack on Facebook came shortly once Twitter aforesaid early this month that knowledge of 250,000 users had been obtained by hackers, which this operation "was not the work of amateurs, and that we don't believe it had been Associate in Nursing isolated incident".


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