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We settle for guest posts to this point it’s associated with what we tend to majorly journal regarding here that include:

-Blogging tips & SEO
-Social media
-Mobile gadgets [android, Smartphone, Windowsphone, and different phone]
-Computer tips and tricks 
-CES 2013

If you've got interest in writing for us and having your post printed, please write to our contact page or Sing Up now

Please, note that there's a distinction between guest posts and sponsored posts. Guest posts ar typically written by different bloggers and sponsored posts are written by, or on behalf of, a corporation or organization to advertise a free or paid service. We tend to might not settle for posts written on behalf of your company.

However, in order for us to just accept your post, sure tips should be strictly observed:

1. We tend to care such a lot regarding originality and that we don't expect a submitted guest post to own antecedently appeared before anyplace, not even on your blog. We tend to additionally hope the submitted article won't seem elsewhere within the close to future.

2. We tend to don't accept posts written exclusively for the aim of advertising a product, web site or some paid services.

3. Posts with an excessive amount of external links or affiliate links could also be rejected. Please, solely link to what you recognize is really relevant to the content of your post, ideally your web log. If we tend to understand you’re linking an excessive amount of to your web log, we tend to might not be ready to publish your post.

However, you'll be able to highlight your blog within the byline that ought to be a sentence or 2. This can be shown below your blog post.

4. Please note that we tend to might edit your post before business and you want to conform to this.

5. Your post should be long enough to be known as a blog post although we tend to believe a lot of in quality than the number of words contained in this. The selection of length is yours however we tend to positive won’t accept a blog with simply some words.

6. Images sometimes convey messages that can’t be expressed within the content of a web log post. We tend to encourage you to use one or 2 pictures or screenshot (where applicable) in your guest post.

7. Also, embrace a byline that ought to highlight you and your blog. You’re free to add your image to the current.

8. We’ll contact you whether or not or not the posts are going to be printed. Please wait and see as we tend to might have to travel through the post and does some background work thereon to work out its credibility.

Going back to the third guideline, we tend to won’t settle for posts that link to sites that are unrelated to non-public growth. Meaning that you just can’t sell links to your shoppers from your article. Any link you add in your post ought to either serve a purpose for the article or shall be a link back to your page however no affiliate links please.
I reserve the correct to edit the post as required (for example, to fix writing system or descriptive linguistics errors) and to reject post that I feel isn't acceptable for this site or for the niche it belongs to.




We will be glad to own your post published in out next update.