WordPress.com reader is more than a reader

WordPress.com had launched a journal reader in Jan for its users, it’s here http://wordpress.com/#!/read/. i'm a WordPress user and once the launch of Jetpack plugin my journal is powerfully connected with WordPress.com.you'll be able to realize official page regarding it here.

So once connecting my journal with WP i'm victimisation several of the helpful services as stats, notifications, sharing, Akismet, publicize, Gravatar hover cards, WP short link, mobile theme, short codes, contact kind,orthography and descriptive linguistics check etc.

And as a bonus I found WordPress reader. during this post I even have shortlisted all the great options of this reader.

  • WordPress Reader Features:

1. It’s a solid thanks to manage your favorite blogs
2. Easily add or take away blogs from it
3. Like any journal or post if it's a WordPress journal if it's not a WordPress journal subscribe its feed
4. Always scan your liked posts in “Posts I like” section
5. Check suggested blogs on varied topics
6. Follow your friend’s blogs
7. Check if your friend’s blogging with wordpress, solely you would like to attach with Facebook, twitter and/or Gmail, simply follow and unfollow their blogs.
8. Reblog and like all WordPress post simply.
9. Now Freshly ironed section is touched in and solely logged in users will see, here conjointly you'll be able tosubscribe any journal.
10. Not simply blogs, you'll be able to follow any topic, set email delivery choice for topics.

So you'll be able to invariably get contemporary content to scan and realize new blogs to follow and like posts. If have your own journal you'll be able to market it by feeling alternative blogs.


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