Windows eight adoption rate is slower than panorama and means behind than Windows seven

This is stunning. Despite a blockbuster launch and a full new vary of product it looks that the customers aren’t feeling the necessity to upgrade to Windows eight finally.

Microsoft launched the new Windows eight OS virtually a pair of month’s ago and because the stats pour in, its am fond of it are the slowest OS rollout within the history of the computer code big, even behind Windows aspect.

A new knowledge chart compiled by internet analytics firm internet Applications shows that the Windows eight adoption mechanical phenomenon falls means behind Windows aspect. The report shows that Windows 8′s on-line usage share through Dec. 22 was 1.6% of all Windows PCs, associate dealings from 1.2% of Nov however still terribly low as compared to Windows aspect and generations away in technology years as compared to Windows seven.

To put things in perspective, at an equivalent two-month mark in Vista’s unleash timetable, that OS accounted for two.2% of all Windows systems, double the month previous.

Net Applications additionally measures the web usage share of in operation systems for all major automatic data processing system device sorts, together with smartphones, tablets, and game consoles additionally to PCs. once you account for all of these hardware platforms, Windows eight presently has a couple of 1.4 % share of the OS market.


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