Upgrading from Thesis Theme 1.0 to 2.0? Check out what you will lose

I have upgraded my web log from Thesis 1.x theme to Thesis 2.x version, and it’s virtually one month previous news. Once upgrading my theme I realize several options missing during this theme.

1# Your Custom CSS won’t work

Thesis 1.x versions had a custom CSS file with totally different implementing vogue, thus it absolutely was necessary to feature


Before any category or ID during this custom CSS file. But in 2.x version custom CSS file is while not .custom hooks. Thus you wish to manually take away .custom from your previous CSS.

2# Custom Functions file isn't another during this version

Thesis 1.0 incorporates a custom functions file and that we add most of the custom functions as emblem, sharing icons and AdSense ds and lots of different options via custom functions file.

3# Your Thesis Thumbnails and pictures won’t work

Yes. It’s true, once upgrading to redo I had lost all the Thesis thumbnails and Thesis pictures.

4# Thesis 301 redirection can close up

I am not 100 PC certain regarding this downside however 301 redirection exploitation Thesis feature wasn't operating for a few of the posts. is also I had forgotten.

5# Thesis Open Hook Manager Plugin isn't supported

If you were wishing on Thesis Open Hook Plugin it'll be enabled and activated however it's no role in thesis 2.0 versions. Thus you're progressing to lose all the customizations another via open Hook Plugin.

6# Robots Meta, Custom Tag and Custom Description won't work

If you willing to upgrade to thesis 2.0, you're progressing to lose custom another robots Meta, custom tag and custom description of your web site in every post.


This is the reason; upgrading to Thesis 2.0 isn't counseled for established blogs, otherwise you may lose all the customizations.


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