Samsung introduces new Series of cameras known as sensible CAMERA 2.0 That Suits all kinds [CES 2013]

Samsung introduced at CES 2013 its new series of good cameras to depart the globe in excited. The corporate has not lagged behind and followed the tune of different corporations that are transportation cameras to the market, like Sony, as an example, showed the new Cyber-shot. The given camera series referred to as good CAMERA, Samsung, gained a form of upgrade, in order that the merchandise displayed at the event ar a part of the new good CAMERA two.0 series. The conception, in keeping with the corporate, isn\'t simply a elaborate name. In keeping with Samsung, the cameras feature a totally new system, one thing that creates the photography even easier to shoot and share the pictures made. Therefore, tools like AutoShare and Direct Link were maintained. Altogether, Samsung has brought six new models with good CAMERA two.0 options for CES 2013: WB250F, WB200F, WB800F, WB30F, DV150F and ST150F. Verify some info concerning the gadgets displayed.

WB200F and WB250F

The intelligent models Hero from Samsung are available 2 configurations terribly kind of like one another. Each has LCD touchscreen and 5 navigation keys, moreover as having the ability to require footage with a resolution of fourteen.2 megapixels through a lens of 24mm.

The distinction lies within the sensors. The WB200F uses CCD whereas the WB250F uses BSI CMOS. The cameras are available white, black atomic number 27 and aluminous red. The cameras can hit stores cost accounting U.S. $249.90.


The WB800F is that the camera for anyone who desires to use long-range zoom. The model takes footage with a resolution of sixteen.3 megapixel BSI CMOS detector and brings optical zoom up to 21x. The camera additionally incorporates a 3-inch bit screen and a button for Direct Link Tool (Wi-Fi). The model comes cost accounting $299.99.


Samsung WB30F is associate degree evolution of the first ST200F. The camera brings as main innovation, the good feature property. it\'s ready to take footage with sixteen megapixels of resolution and options 10x optical zoom, and a 24mm lens. Out there in black, white, purple, pink and red, it\'ll come back to the market cost accounting $179.99.


The DV150F is that the applicable model for people who prefer to take self-portraits, since the camera has the Dual-view feature that brings 2 screens, a historically positioned at the rear and another before of the camera. This camera is in a position to require footage with sixteen megapixels of resolution and comes in black, white, purple and inexperienced for $149.99.


The last new model of the good CAMERA two.0 product series is that the ST150F. The camera is capable of taking footage with sixteen.2 megapixels and has 5x optical zoom. The 25mm lens ensures quality pictures and property systems enable straightforward sharing of images. The model goes on sale in inexperienced, pink, lime, purple and silver and also the value wasn\'t discovered.

Photos in 3D

Samsung additionally introduced another camera packed with new options. The NX300 is that the newest transportable device capable of taking footage and video in 3D. Additionally to good options like Wi-Fi and bit screen, the device brings spectacular settings.

Capable of manufacturing pictures with up to twenty.3 megapixels of resolution, it\'s capable of recording at 1080p maintaining unbelievable sixty frames per second. The price, as you would possibly expect, is salty: $749.

Traditional Cameras

Besides the good cameras, Samsung additionally brought some additional ancient merchandise for CES 2013. This, however, doesn\'t mean that resources of those merchandise ar poor or no has highlight. The WB2100, as an example, brings 35x optical zoom and also the Zoom picture feature moreover as resolution of sixteen megapixels. The camera comes in black, white or red color and prices $329.99.

Finally, Samsung ST72, the only model given by the corporate. The camera doesn\'t bring the intelligent options as just like the different cameras given, however is in a position to require footage with up to 16-megapixel resolution, and produce many helpful tools like Vivid Live Panorama Shot. it\'s 5x optical zoom.

It’s tiny size permits it to be loaded into pocket simply and reduced value also can be an enormous draw: $119.99. it\'ll hit the shop in black, white, red and purple colours.


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