Qualcomm announces the launch of four new flower processors [CES 2013]

Due to the growing quality of flower four, it\'s not precisely shocking that Qualcomm was making ready to announce a replacement version of the chip throughout the CES 2013. Shocking abundant for the individuals is that, the corporate unconcealed the launch of 4 new models of the processor throughout its presentation, baptised as two hundred, 400, 600 and 800. In step with the developer, the flower 600 can have a four-hundredth higher performance than that offered by the model S4 professional. All this due to changes in quad-core elapid Chip and Adreno 320 GPU that created them even a lot of economical and economical than their current versions - the primary devices equipped with the processor ought to be launched within the second quarter of 2013.

Another processor given, flower 800 guarantees to deliver a capability of seventy fifth quicker process speed, and has doubly the capability of the most effective presently out there graphics chip from Qualcomm. This is often as a result of the presence of quad-core a pair of.3 rate elapid four hundred chip, followed by associate degree Adreno 330 graphics process unit.

According to the corporate, the new LTE electronic equipment can accompany a extraordinarily quick Cat four and 802.11 ac Wi-Fi with increased capabilities. The processor will enable recording in QFHD quality, and allows the event of devices with most resolution of 2560x2048 pixels - the promise of the corporate is that several smartphones can get absolutely leverage the capabilities of the new chip, that ought to build its debut in 0.5.

Qualcomm says that there square measure already fifty totally different devices that square measure operating with the flower 600 and 800. The corporate expects to attain similar or perhaps larger levels of success than that obtained by the flower S4 that won the preference of the many makers of moveable devices in 2012.


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