newKube – the world’s smallest MP3 Player launches within the US...............83%

The New Year can see a replacement breed of physics. A lot of smaller, a lot of compact however feature-rich and powerful. The newKube is one such MP3 player device designed by the Singapore physics manufacturer Bluetree physics that claims it to be the world’s smallest MP3 Player. The device can build its debut at CES 2013.

According to a press-release, The NewKube is truly the third generation of the far-famed Kube family of compact MP3 players that deliver clear, crisp audio playback of music optimized by genre in an exceedingly little device with an extended battery life. a completely charged NewKube offers a non-stop audio expertise on a cross-country flight while not running out of battery power.

Some of the options include:
  • Lock button – to stop accidentals
  • Repeat button – not found in comparable easy MP3 players like the iPod Shuffle
  • Jump Folder – permits you to induce to the precise song location, conjointly not found in easy MP3 players just like the iPod Shuffle.
  • EQ Pre-sets – lets users choose music settings for optimized playback of Pop, Rock, genre and different genres.
  • NewKube includes a new style, a far better wanting case, and new colours.

The newKube reads the unremarkably accessible microSD card with sizes starting from 512MB up to 32GB supplying you with 8000 songs. newKube conjointly retains its ability to possess half-dozen hours of continuous play in an exceedingly single one hour charge. Currently your music is with you all the time.

The previous record was control by the 2009 iPod Shuffle that was the dimensions of a thumb and will inhibition to one thousand songs.


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