Lenovo Brings New gambling laptop Erazer X700 supporting up to 2 video cards running along [CES 2013]

At CES 2013, one amongst the businesses that has bestowed most devices until now could be Lenovo. And amongst the devices that square measure job consumers\' most attention is that the Erazer X700, that goes to out there from $1499 USD - the quantity needed for the foremost basic setup potential for the pc. it\'ll hit stores at the tip of June. However what extremely stands out square measure the most configurations that the Lenovo X700 Erazer supported. We\'re talking concerning Associate in Nursing Intel Core i7 Extreme processor, four TB of storage capability and support for 2 graphics cards - AMD or NVIDIA. For those that take AMD, it\'s still potential to attach up to six monitors with Infinity technology.

It is additionally price noting that the unit incorporates a terribly sturdy and attention-grabbing style, and compatible with the tastes of the foremost hard-to-please gamers. Let Maine say once more, the value of the Lenovo X700 Erazer is $1,499, just about well-priced relating to the revered configuration.


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