Kuaiyong is a perfect alternative to installous / hackulous with no jailbreak required

With the doors to Installous stop working, people that accustomed think about Appcrack and different hacks unleash a cry of pain. Their purpose wasn't to transfer applications lawlessly, several of the users used it to examine if the applying was price outlay the money and would eventually expire. I did a similar with my earlier iOS devices. But now, installous is gone attributable to lack of forum support and therefore the new iOS appears more durable to prison-breaking. All around you search folks longing for cracked apps, iPhone five users and iOS half-dozen user cant even try this, for them and everybody else exploitation iOS half-dozen, there's an ideal resolution.

kuaiyong may be a Chinese startup company that has provided the planet with installous various. it's a desktop application that helps you to transfer iOS application’s right to your desktop and so synchronize them along with your phone while not even gap iTunes. It’s a good news; having same that, by no suggests that we have a tendency to support piracy. If you're downloading it simply to create it positive the app is price, or a developer longing for a supply of inspiration then it's the correct tool for you.

How to use Kuaiyong

Since the applying is in “Chinese” with English version starting up shortly, lets establish a general procedure to urge the apps on to your device.

Step 1: transfer the desktop application from official kuaiyong web site.

Step 2: Install the applying on your laptop (Windows only).

Step 3: choose the device you're intending the applications for from the change posture menu within the gray navigation strip.

Step 4: flick through the content or search your favorite app and open it as you'd in App store.

Step 5: choose the applying which can begin the installation. The servers area unit a trifle slow and it'll take you your time to transfer.

Step 6: Connect your device with USB and therefore the software system can acknowledge it displaying phone data wherever it displayed “USB” before.

Step 7: On the correct corner within the transfer manager you'll notice pause/play buttons. Once the applying is downloaded, the buttons can turn into a solid gray one.

Step 8: Pressing the solid gray button can begin installation of the app on your connected device, a spinning machine with parentage can show up showing you dynamic share of the method.

Step 9: That’s it, the applying can show abreast of your phone’s screen.

We stress once more to users that they must transfer the apps de jure. Use the strategy only for testing functions and support the community through the App store.


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