How to Show Post Summary in Twitter Tweets for WordPress blogs

Update: This post includes a very little Twist. You may realize it out later. Truly followed steps can show you the outline with image however not like massive brothers. You’ll try this too however you wish to participate for Twitter_Cards.

I have additional another screenshot that's additional correct.

When you share a video on Twitter, it’s been detected by Twitter and you get an choice to read the media. Once you share picture a photograph} you get the choice to look at the photo. However once you share a commentary you probably did not get choice to read the outline.

Actually you get however not for your own articles. You’ll read the outline of a tweeted article if it's from a prime web site. See below screenshot.

So if you furthermore mght need to induce the outline of your post it's potential. I even have noticed this feature on Twitter from typically. However i assumed this feature was just for massive brothers.

If you're on WordPress you're lucky enough. Follow these steps.

(1) You wish to put in Jetpack plugin; get this plugin here. Once putting in this plugin you wish to attach it with a account.
Dashboard: Plugins>Add New Plugin>Jetpack

(2) Once putting in, activating and connecting this plugin with attend sharing section in Settings tab. otherwise you will get visit constant settings page from jetpack.

Dashboard: Settings>Sharing
Dashboard: Jetpack>Publicize

(3) Here you'll connect your diary with Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Yahoo. However the foremost vital is Twitter, if you wish to feature post outline in twitter Tweets.
Now you next post are going to be mechanically printed on twitter with the post outline.


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