How to Setup a 404 page in WordPress thesis 2.0

Creating a 404 page in Thesis 2.0 is easy. Default 404 in thesis isn't excellent, it simply hides the content. Antecedently i used to be employing a Labnol like 404 page however that page isn't supported during this theme. Therefore i made a decision to use Thesis 404 page. And Thesis includes a special template for 404 pages.

So during this post i will be able to show you the way I even have created a 404 page.

(1) Move to Pages and add a brand new page.

(2) offer this page a reputation one thing like 404 page or something significant. Fill this page with some helpful text. 

(3) Currently move to Thesis section and click on web site for change posture links then click on 404 page. Currently choose the 404 page you have got created in 1st and second steps. And click on save 404 page in top-right corner.

So you have got created a 404 page however if you wish to edit the template, follow next steps.

(4) Open a 404 page on your web log and appearance bottom-left of the page to edit the 404 template.

(5) 404 template can open, here you'll be able to shift+drag column 2 to template sidebar and drop on the highest of it. Therefore the same manner you'll be able to take away footer and header menus or any ads. Finally save template.

Now you have got bespoken your 404 page, if you wish to feature additional options as I even have extra archives and classes. Follow next steps.

(6) Currently you have got to feature a gadget during this template, to feature a gizmo look in right sidebar for Add Boxes section. Within the change postures of “Type of the box to add” choose Widgets. Offer some name to the current box and click on on Blue “Add Box”.

(7) Currently you have got created a gadget box however not extra it in 404 template. to feature within the template shift+drag this box together with your mouse and drop on WP Loop, it's in column one. Currently these gizmos are going to be higher than Single Post Box. Therefore shift+drag the one Post Box and drop on WP Loop to repair it. Don’t forget to avoid wasting the guide.

(8) Currently move to Widgets in look section. Search for the gadget you have got created for 404 template.

(9) Drag Tag Cloud gadget in 404 gadget however choose classes in Taxonomy.

(10) Drag Archives gadget within the same 404 gadget to indicate archives.

Now you have got setup a 404 page in Thesis 2.0, however if you compare it with my page you may realize some distinction it's as a result of CSS.


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