Here’s the concise History of the globe in one Map and 176 words

Ever wished to quickly take a glimpse of what all countries within the world area unit principally celebrated for? War, Military, French area unit a number of the foremost common words that you just can notice.

The map on top of, created by Martin Elmer, depicts thousands of years of human history by representing every country with one word. He explains below however he created the map.

"This map was created by running through all the assorted countries’ “History of [name of country]” Wikipedia article through a word cloud, then writing out the foremost common word to suit into the country’s boundary. The result's thousands of years of human history simplistic into 100-some words.,,

It’s referred to as ‘Laconic’ as a result of it's created from words. It’s a quest of collective memory, politics, nationalism, Wikiality and historiography.

Here area unit some fascinating facts from the map:

  • 16% of states had ‘war’ as their commonest word, together with nearly all of Western Europe.
  • 1/4th of all countries had their commonest word be a colonial power. Of these, Britian had the foremost, with sixteen countries.
  • Nobility goes by completely different names in numerous places. Twenty countries had either ‘sultan’, kingdom’, ‘dynasty’, or ‘empire’.
  • Some countries’ commonest word was the name of a close-by country. Don’t be fooled: ‘Hungary’ is really Slovakia, ‘India’ is Asian country, ‘Ethiopia’ is African nation, and ‘Indonesia’ is country.
  • Very few countries area unit labeled once the name of their pre-colonial, autochthonous population, however their area unit some exceptions.

The full, 12,500 constituent version of the map is accessed here.


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