Fujifilm unveils range of digital cameras at CES in Las Vegas

Fujifilm has proclaimed eight new digital cameras, headlined by the Fujifilm X100S.

Fujifilm X100S is that the successor to the Fujifilm X100, heritable the X100\'s superior lens, whereas adding a higher-definition Hybrid optical device and a brand new device and processor. The newly-developed sixteen.3 million pixels APS-C X-Trans CMOS II device and EXR Processor II increase resolution by just about twenty fifth and cut back noise by quite three0%.

The highlight of the X100S is that the AF in as very little as zero.08 seconds. in addition, the EXR Processor II offers quick response times with a start-up time of solely just about zero.5 seconds, a shooting interval of zero.5 seconds, and a shutter break is just zero.01 seconds. Fujifilm X100S is priced at $1299.95.

Fujifilm additionally introduced the X20, successor to the favored X10. It comes with a the newly-developed twelve million pixels 2/3-inch X-Trans CMOS II device and EXR Processor II, that increase resolution by just about two hundredth and cut back noise by quite half-hour. The X20 will AF in precisely zero.06 seconds, and is as quick because the X100 within the remainder of the specs. it\'ll be offered for $599.95.

Next up is that the $549.95 FinePix HS50EXR with a shocking 42x optical zoom, 1/2-inch EXR CMOS II device, and 0.05 seconds AF speed. A less expensive variant, the specs of which are not clear, known as HS35EXR are offered for $399.95.

Next up is that the FinePix S8200 series of cameras with FinePix S8200 (40x optical zoom), FinePix S8300 (42x optical zoom), FinePix S8400 (44x optical zoom) and FinePix S8500 (46x optical zoom). They need been priced beginning $299.95 for the S8200. All feature 16-megapixel 1/2.3-inch BSI CMOS sensors and provide 10fps burst shooting still as 1080/60i video.

The SL1000 boasts the very best optical zoom of all the cameras proclaimed, with a 50x optical optical lens (24mm-1200mm) with quick apertures of f/2.9 to f/6.5 and a sixteen million pixels 1/2.3-inch BSI-CMOS device. it\'s going to value $399.95.

Two new compact cameras with 12x optical zoom and 16-megapixel device ar the FinePix T550 and FinePix T500. Fujifilm additionally introduced the \"all around tough\" camera FinePix XP60 with 1/2.3-inch sixteen million pixels CMOS device.


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