Flower Power sensor helps plants communicate their needs [CES-2013]

Scientists have developed a brand new detector which will alert humans to the requirements of their family plants - just like the quantity of daylight or water needed. The two-pronged detector will report on daylight, temperature, and water and fertilizer conditions by victimisation low-power Bluetooth signals to send alerts.

Dangerous conditions for plants could trigger further warnings through the \'Flower Power\' app on somebody\'s smartphone or pill. Counterculture was developed by Parrot, a wireless technical school company and bestowed at shopper physical science Show (CES) 2013 in metropolis, web site TechNewsDaily according. The detector and app combination additionally acts as a digital guide for uninformed plant homeowners.

People will seek for plant-care directions from information of 6,000 plants, or perhaps search by color and similar image characteristics if they do not understand the name of the plant. One battery permits the counterculture detector to channel Bluetooth signal updates each quarter-hour and still lasts for concerning six months.

Parrot has however to work out the damage for its new product. However the corporate is card-playing that counterculture will pave the means because the initial of the many low-power Bluetooth sensors that might rework normal family gadgets into good devices. As a result of it\'s cheaper, everything will be connected to the net, \" aforementioned Arthur Petry, a business development representative at Parrot.


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