Early and rare Apple pc and tablet styles from 1980

Hartmut Esslinger takes credit for being one in all the primary people in Apple to work on the look of the Macintosh in 1980s. In his recent book titled “design forward” he reveals a number of the rare idea styles of the first Apple pc and tablets from the 1980s that ne'er went into production.

Apple used Esslinger’s company Frog design extensively within the 1980s. once Steve Jobs saw the work that Frog design was doing for Sony he offered them a two million/year contract to open an workplace in geographic area. Jobs needed them to make a signature rummage around for the new Macintosh line and along they designed the Apple IIc that was introduced in 1984.

Below you'll see a number of the styles created by Frog design for the first Apple computers and tablets. A lot of details at designboom.


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