Dell goes to supply Monitors with 1080p resolution for the XPS thirteen Ultrabook [CES 2013]

During CES 2013, hollow created several of its fans happy by asserting that it\'ll begin giving monitors with 1080p resolution output for the XPS thirteen Ultrabook. Despite its little announcement throughout this year\'s CES, CES 2013, hollow determined to create his presence felt by asserting that XPS thirteen Ultrabook model can which will that may} be launched within the future will have the choice of a monitor with 1920x1080 resolution. So far, the XPS thirteen is oversubscribed with a 1366x768 show that was criticized throughout the launch of the PC.

The elective upgrade has no unleashed date yet as neither its value was mentioned. Hollow failed to say if there\'ll be the chance of these homeowners of XPS thirteen Ultrabook perform the update screens or if they\'ll be obtainable just for the acquisition of latest models.


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