Browse any Tumblr tag on Android Phone

Recently, i attempted android app for Tumblr. Initially it feels sensible however I found a heavy feature lack in it. i used to be unable to look all the tags during this app. i used to be able to browse solely featured tags. Conjointly I will browse labelled tags of a post. However it's going to not have the tag i would like to browse.

There is no thanks to browse the tags you would like however there's a trick that works. You wish to complete an easy workaround for it. This app allows you to browse tracked tags. Once a tag is tracked you’ll search it within the app.

How to track a tag on Tumblr?

>>Open Tumblr on your pc mistreatment favorite web browser.
>>After login look for the tag you would like and click on “track”, it's opposite to the search term in search box.

Track feature on Tumblr is comparable to saved searches on twitter. Once following a number of your favorite tags you'll try and search them on android app. I don’t know how several tags you'll track however certain several tag.


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