ASUS Announces ROG Ares II graphics card Promising spectacular Performance [CES 2013]

One of the foremost advanced Graphics Card that we\'ve got these days is that the ROG Ares, a tool created by ASUS for the foremost stringent gamers on the earth – wherever the ROG represents Republic of Gamers. And currently the Taiwanese company is saying the second version of the graphics card throughout CES 2013 that has even a lot of powerful options than the primary model. For starters, the ROG Ares II has 2 GPUs (graphics process units) AMD Radeon HD 7970 Edition. Thus, it\'s attainable that the process frequency reaches the 1100 megacycle band (1050 megacycle having as base). It still has half dozen GB video memory. No detail regarding the supply and worth of the instrumentation, however it\'s celebrated that it\'s an edition.

All these hardware options ought to create the ASUS ROG Ares II one among the nice objects of need of gamers in 2013. However one should confine mind that the video card ought to reach the U.S. market with terribly high costs. That goes for settings and conjointly as a result of it\'s a edition - that incorporates a reduced variety of units made.

GPU: a pair of x Radeon HD 7970 Edition gigahertz.
Clock Speed (Base): one, 050 MHz.
Clock Speed (Boost): one, 100 MHz.
Transistors: a pair of x four.31 billion.
Manufacturing Processes: twenty eight nm.
Video Memory: half dozen GB GDDR5.
Memory Clock: half dozen.6 GHz.
Texture Units: a pair of x 128.
ROPs: a pair of x thirty two.
Memory Interface: a pair of x 384-bit.


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