Android Jelly Bean tips, tricks and hints

Jelly Bean might not be constant Brobdingnagian success as frozen dessert Sandwich; however it still brings lots of latest options and practicality to the software package.

Many of those are enhancements to the smoothness of rendering on the device - it even shortly boosts the processor once the screen\'s turned on to form things super slick and speedy. Google dubs these very little performance and code enhancements as being \"buttery\", assumedly bearing on some nice spreadable Lurpak instead of a solid hunk of jellied milk.

The other massive addition here is Google Now. This adds individualized recommendations and knowledge supported your browsing history. Some individuals love its perceptive quality; others hate its pervy, intrusive nature.

One thing's of course though: the Siri-like voice search feature is awe-inspiring. As ever, the following pointers square measure supported the vanilla installation of android, therefore your mileage could vary counting on what percentage layers of additional "features" are another by your phone or tablet's manufacturer.

1. Say "Google" to search

If you are in America, you'll open Google currently and say "Google" followed by your question to go looking World Wide Web. If you are not in America, you'll trick android into thinking you're. Open the settings on your device, opt for "Language and input", and then switch Google Voice Typing's language from "Automatic" to "English (US)". Next head to Google Now's settings and once more amendment the language to "English (US)". you ought to see "Search or say Google" in Now's search bar. Faking Associate in nursing yank accent: facultative.

2. currently settings

You can open currently in 2 ways that - either swipe up from the house icon, or swipe the lock icon up once the screen is barred. once you 1st begin it, currently can run through the fundamentals of what it will, and even show you some example cards. In Now's settings, you will find every card has its own notifications settings, that apply to each the currently homescreen and therefore the Notification shade. commonplace means new cards area unit in the course of a ringtone and vibration, Low priority places them at very cheap of the list with none notification, and off, well, turns them off altogether.

3. talk to Google now

Google currently conjointly includes Siri-like practicality, supply spoken answers to your mindless queries. strive things like, "what time is it in Kuala Lumpur?", "when's Tom Cruise's birthday i would like to send him a card?", "how do i purchase home?" or "will it's sunny tomorrow?" and currently can speak the solution back at you or search the net for relevant pages.

4. Notification Shade

We antecedently said it because the "pully-down menu thing", however apparently it's formally referred to as the "Notification Shade". Niftily, bound notifications within the shade are often dilated by slippery  2 fingers outward on them, supplying you with an outline of the topic headers in your email inbox, as an example. Moving 2 fingers inwards on a notification showing neatness contracts them, too.

5. Rotation lock

You're sitting on a plane observation a vid in horizontal orientation. Suddenly, the plane banks sharply to the left and - American state no! - the video changes orientation. This worst-case-scenario are often avoided by sound the rotation lock within the Notification Shade, that keeps the screen in its current orientation. faucet it once more to unlock the rotation.

6. flip notifications off

Install enough apps and therefore the notification bar at the highest of your humanoid device becomes the digital equivalent of associate degree never-ending stream of ticker tape. In fact, Airpush is a complete advertising company that produces cash during this approach. fortuitously, every and each app you put in in jelly egg has the choice to show this off. attend its data page below Apps, uncheck the box tagged "Show notifications" and revel in your empty notifications bar.

7. Equalise your music

The ability to regulate those all-important bass and treble settings has been painfully lost on humanoid devices - most so a bunch of apps are created to change it. It's fastened in Android's stock music player, though. Open a music come in the stock player, hit Settings then opt for Equaliser. Here you will find manual sliders, a load of presets and bass and 3D effects. sadly it does not work for the complete device, however it'll provide your tunes a trifle additional oomph.

8. rearrange your home screens

Long-press on any icon or contrivance on your homescreen and you'll be able to move it around, and different icons and widgets can shift out of the thanks to match it in. larger widgets can even be resized by long-pressing and emotional them, so dragging the circles that seem on the perimeters. It's really quite fun and satisfying. we have a tendency to simply spent 3 hours doing nothing however this.

9. Access App data

The all-important App data screen - that permits you to uninstall, stop and disable apps - are often accessed in a very fully new approach with jelly egg. Pull down the notification shade, long-press on associate degree open task and you will be taken straight to the settings page for the relevant app. It's handy if you do not recognize that app displayed the notification.

10. Talkback

Designed for blind and low-vision users, Talkback provides associate degree current narration of what is displayed on your phone or pill. you'll be able to flip it on via Accessibility, so you will be taken through a tutorial of its functions. it is a terribly totally different approach of navigating your device, and quite fascinating to expertise. It conjointly supports braille input and output devices via USB and Bluetooth.

11. Offline speech-to-text

Being able to dictate long associate degreed rambling texts to preferred ones is sort of an recent humanoid feature, however it's simply got an entire heap higher with associate degree offline mode. attend Google voice typewriting settings below Language & input and opt for transfer offline speech recognition. currently you will be ready to dictate that nice novel while not being distracted by Reddit.

12. Beam it across

Android Beam works with near-field communication (NFC) to change quick knowledge exchange between 2 devices. you will need to form positive it's enabled 1st - you will find it below Wireless & networks. you will conjointly ought to recognize wherever the NFC space is on your device. this is not a tangle for phones, however it are often on the subject of anyplace on the rear of a laughably giant pill, therefore do a fast Google to search out out wherever it's.

13. simple secure pairing

Simple secure pairing works aboard NFC to supply a fast and simple thanks to connect Bluetooth accessories like headsets, speakers and keyboards. you do not really want to try and do something aside from activate NFC to use it, however check that no matter you are pairing with is straightforward secure pairing-compatible.

14. Calendar notifications

Any events you have been invited to via Google Calendar can show up within the notifications blind. From here you'll be able to expand it and quickly send a pre-defined response (Such as "I'll be there in ten minutes") or kind your own. fast responses are often altered from inside the final settings of the Calendar app itself. excellent for you social butterflies.