A $995 Tobii REX permits you to use your eyes to switch your mouse [CES 2013]

Presented as an epitome throughout CES 2012, REX, the manufacturer of Tobii, came back to CES 2013 with giant news. With uninviting value of $995, the device guarantees to be an alternate to the previous keyboard and mouse combination that enables you to use eye movements to regulate Windows 8. An amendment within the manner of interacting along with your laptop is created doable through atiny low device on all-time low left of the monitor, that is connected to your machine via a USB port. Once one standardization, the device allows navigating the package by merely watching them - to access any program, simply choose it and press a button on the keyboard.

The machine may also be programmed to perform the navigation through websites with the help of one button. To boot, you\'ll be able to use it together with the applying of maps to focus on Windows eight locations or navigate through totally different locations. it\'s value noting that Tobii remains not providing the merchandise to customers, who may lead to changes in their look (and price) once it finally is discharged at the tip of 2013.


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