You Didn’t Know 10 Things About Google Maps

1. GPS Navigation Only on Android.

Enjoy the free GPS navigation, turn-by-turn it on your Android. There’s no need for portable GPS device or a car unit. Your journey will end with a Street View image of your destination.The GPS navigation is Limited Country availability.

2. Custom Maps Available on all Platforms

It is of places that interest you and share them with your friends. Make a  just keep track or walking tour of your favorite spots. Access your maps on your  phone or laptop.

3. Live Traffic

Turn on the Google Maps Traffic layer to see current traffic conditions at your place. You can see alternate routes when you tap for directions and you can also get estimated travel times.
Live Traffic is Available on all Platforms.

4. Search for Businesses

It's get directions to local businesses and landmarks without knowing the address.  say the name or type of business such as a restaurant or Just type, and results closest to you will appear on the map. You can also view local reviews from people you trust in your Google+ circles. Search for Businesses available on all Platforms.

5. Compass Mode and My Location

3D Enter compass mode to orient yourself.  labels and the map will automatically rotate to match the direction you’re facing. The blue dot will show your current location wherever you are, even indoors in selected locations.Compass Mode and My Location is only on Android

6. Live Transit Updates

It's select areas around the world. You can view service alerts to see if there are service changes affecting your line or stop. Trip updates will indicate if your train or bus is running late.Live Transit Updates available on all Platforms.

7. Indoor Maps [ Limited Country Availability ]

 Find your favorite stores, get accurate location indoors to plan shopping routes, get indoor walking directions  train stations, inside malls, and airports  with Indoor Maps on your Android. It's Only on Android

8. Bicycling Directions

Get every pedal bicycling directions that indicate  bike-friendly roads, bike lanes and bike trails that avoid hilly terrain whenever possible. Bicycling Directions available on all Platforms.

9. Google Map Maker

Edit the map and share your knowledge with Google Map Maker.You can make adjustments or fill in missing details to the existing map and once approved, see your changes appear in a matter of minutes, along with millions of users of Google Maps. It's available on all Platforms.

10. Street View

See what a destination looks like before you actually get there, even while you’re on the go. storefronts, parks, explore landmarks and over 5 million miles of road in over 40 countries with 360-degree, street-level photos. Street View Available on all Platforms

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