Style Code Snippets Using CSS And Image In Blogger

You are a web-designer? If you are a web-designer then you have to use a lot of codes like CSS, HTML, PHP, Java-Script etc. It’s easier for you to highlight codes in your tutorials, If you have chosen WordPress as your foundation. But if you are one of them who chooses blogger as his platform, many  problems come in
your hand. S0 today we are going to show you how to Style Code Snippets only Using CSS And Image In Blogger.

We are going to need some CSS to make this work. So let’s learn how.

1. Login to your blogger account.
2. Than dashboard >>> Template >>> Edit HTML.
3. Don't forget to backup your template first.
4. Check the Expand Widget Templates box.
5. Now find out [ Click (Ctrl and F) Search for ] below code.

6. Paste the following code just above it.

7. Save your template and you are done.
8. If you use this style , paste your code inside pre code tag. For example.


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