Install Linux on USB : Linux Tips

How to Install Linux on USB? Universal USB Installer is a free application for Windows that allows you to install any of the Linux Distributions on your USB. Having an OS in your USB is really nice. You can boot from anywhere. You would be carrying your customized OS in your pockets. You can  modify the keyboard shortcuts, customize your Linux from any PC and store files in your home directory. To create a portable OS, you must have the disk image (.iso file) of your Operating System.

Install Linux on your USB:
Run Universal USB Installer. If UAC prompts, then click Yes button.

Click on I agree button.
In drop box menu, select the distribution of Linux that you want to install. If you already have the that file (.iso file), then click on the Browse button or else you can download it from the internet by marking the check box next to it. And then select the drive in which you want to install Linux.

 If you want to erase all the contents of that drive check the box next to it. Set a persistent file size i.e amount of space that you would like for storing your files.Click on the create button and you should be having a portable OS in hand.

Download Universal USB Installer from here.


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