How to Install software in your Linux/Ubuntu PC

How to Install software in your Linux/Ubuntu PC? Installing software in Linux based system was a nightmare, a decade ago. Where you have to compile the source code, build the package and install all by manually. But this time  the GNU/Linux system have evolved a lot and have become more user friendly. New GUIs being developed. For that Any un-non user can run and  install a GNU/Linux system in couple of minutes without any issue. Today I’ll show you couple of methods you can use to install software in an Ubuntu System. And Ubuntu is the most popular GNU/Linux Distribution available in today’s Free and Open Source Software world.

Advanced Packaging Tool(Apt) is the most favourite method of software installation in Debian based systems. you can download more than 60,000 software. So You have so many repositories. This repositories are referred in the sources list at /etc/apt/sources.list.\

Eg: Install VLC player
 #apt-get install vlc 

SPK(Synaptic Package Manager) will allow you to install software by searching the repositories. It’s a GUI based package manager. You can view the software by category and by clicking on Apply button you can also easily install the software. 


 You can download .deb packages and using GDebi GUI tool and also install them using command line.

Eg: Install Skype
#dpkg -i skype-ubuntu-intrepid_2.1.0.47-1_i386.deb

In GDebi, you can just right click on the .deb package and open it in GDebi, then you can install it. These are three ways to install software in Ubuntu from thereBut you can still use the traditional source installation too, but the life has being lot more easier with Ubuntu these days.


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