How to Add Smooth Jquery Featured Post Slideshow For Blogger

How to Add Smooth Jquery Featured Post Slideshow For Blogger? Hear i will show you how to add featured content slideshow to show your featured post to your Blogger Blog or wordpress blog. It is very easy to setup and can easily manage width and height to match template.You can change the speed of this slideshow easily. Default width is 550px and Default height is 200px. Enjoy yourself. You can see the DEMO of this widget from here.

1. Login to your blogger account.
2. Than dashboard >>> Template >>> Edit HTML.
3. Don't forget to backup your template first.
4. Check the Expand Widget Templates box.
5. Now find out ( ctrl+f ) below code

6. Now Replace above code with below code.

NOTE : To change the speed of slideshow, change the value 4000.

7. Save your template.

8. Than dashboard >>> Layout >>> Add a Gadget >>> and select 'HTML/Javascript'
9. Copy and Paste below code.

NOTE : Replace YOUR LINK HERE and images LINK with your content.

 Click Right button on post title and copy link address then paste it the line ( YOUR LINK HERE  ).

Then Click Right button on any image of that post and copy image URL then replace it to 

you change all YOUR LINK HERE , IMAGES LINK, and all this line ( Emoticon :Facebook chat Big EmoticoniPad mini :iPad mini pictureCarousel slider based : Carousel slider based on your Blogger blog !!!Angry Birds : Best free Android game )

10. Now save and done. Now you have successfully installed this slide show to your site.


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